2012. december 29., szombat

CT Call :)...

I would like to expand  my team with a few new creative members.

If you like my CT Call, mail me...

I look forward to hearing from you... :)

Have a nice weekend,

2012. december 14., péntek

Winter Wonderland - my new kit

Feel yourself in Wonderland... In Winter Wonderland...
This Combo kit is perfect to create your LOs about Winter memories... with your family... with your friends... I hope You'll like it...

Let's see the Backgrounds: I designed 21 papers, 7 solids and 14 patterned:

The second part is the Embellishments - contained 60 pieces:

The last part is the Monogram Kit:

You can buy my new kit in my shops:

WIN my new kit! Leave me a comment here and I'll be back to choose a winner at least next weekend...
Have fun and have a nice day!

2012. december 7., péntek

Orange Symphony - Play with me :)...!

Little bit late, but today is Friday, and I am here with the rules of my game.
That's really simple:

1. Visit this link or this one to download freebies which are named Orange Symphony.
(you'll find three packages: solid papers, patterned papers and embellishments)
Do not forget to collect all!

2. Make LO(s) with Orange Symphony. You can use any pictures, but solely this mini kit - ONLY Orange Syphony

3. When your LO(s) is/are done, mail me it/them to kamillascrapdesign@gmail.com with your name
- I'll share all here, on my blog :) -

4. I'll collect the names in a hat, and my daughter will raffle the winner :)...

you can choose one kit of mine :)...

End of the game is: 31st of December 2012

The Winner can choose a kit till end of January 2013.

If you like and have time, make LO(s) and play with me :)!

I'm looking forward to your LO, too :)!

Have a nice weekend,

2012. november 4., vasárnap

Orange Symphony Vol 3 - last part...

I've already brought the last pack of Orange Symphony freebie... My plan was more packages, but as I mentioned before, I started to work, and I do not have same time creating :(... Here is a pack with ten embellishments: bow, butterfly, brad etc...

Do not forget to collect the solid and patterned papers too!
If you have all, come and play with me!
(rules of the game on next Friday)

Orange Symphony Vol 3.

See you next Friday,
Have a nice week,

2012. október 18., csütörtök

I Love Potpourri - my new kit in my shops :)...

Autumn is here and I wanted to create non-traditional kit. I love potpourri, that is why I designed my new release, and it seemed good idea to work on this theme, it is not so frequent. I hope you'll like it :)! It is perfect to create LOs about Autumn memories, about celebrations or just embellish your everyday LO...

Here is the paper pack - Kit containes 20 high-resolution, print quality backgrounds in .jpeg format: 10 solid backgrounds, 10 patterned backgrounds:

 ... and I designed 60 high-resolution, print quality embellishments in .png format:

Now I created a monogram kit too: high-resolution, print quality in .png. format:

I show you two LOs from my CT girls:


If you like my new kit, you can buy it at


WIN my new kit! Leave me a comment here and I'll be back to choose a winner at least next weekend...
Have fun and have a nice day!

2012. október 5., péntek

Friday FREEBIE :) (Vol 2.)

Autumn is already here and I tried to bring a paper pack which resembles the autumn.
Polka dots and stripes with different tones of oranges...

 This is the second stop of my train.
Do not forget to collect all packages from each stations ;)...

If you like them, play with me!
(rules of the game later...)

Orange Symphony Vol 2.
Patterned Papers

Do not forget to come back on next Friday to collect the next pack...!

See you soon

2012. szeptember 30., vasárnap

Long-Long Time

Hello Everyone :),
I'm really sorry that I was here long-long time ago... I started to work in my new position in the local court on 3rd of September... This is rather exhausting mentally, I usually work with pc. So in the evening sometimes I don't have a mood to spend more time with pc :P. I hope you understand me :)... Of course it is not mean I want to finish creating, a little time is needed in order for myself to gather it up. 

So my next kit is nearly done :) - only the alpha set is missing - and on this Friday I'll bring the next freebie...

I hope you'll download it too :)...

Have a nice week, see you soon...

2012. augusztus 31., péntek

Friday FREEBIE :) (Vol 1.)

Little bit summer, little bit autumn... This is the last Friday on summer of 2012... 
Today I launch train of freebies. 
Do not miss them! If you collect all of them, you can take part in a challenge... 
A lucky participant can choose a kit of mine :)... 
If you like, come to collect and play with me!
(rules of the game later...)

Here is the first freebie from the train:

Orange Symphony Vol 1.
Solid Papers

Do not forget to come back on next Friday to collect the next pack...!
See you soon


2012. augusztus 17., péntek


Hey there,

Today is Friday again - that means FREEBIE TIME... :)...

Summer is nearly gone, holiday is nearly finished and everyone need to return to the hard-working days... I brought a mini - Summer Greetings - today with 5 papers and 5 elements. I hope you like it and you can use the papers and elements for your LOs about summer memories.

Summer Greetings

Click HERE to download!

Have fun and enjoy,


2012. augusztus 16., csütörtök

Sounds Of The Sea - new release at My Memories

Water: sports, relaxation, vacation, beach, seaside... I love all of them... noises, pleasant, strange atmosphere... This kit is perfect to design your LOs about summer holidays, water adventures or just use a simple photo about the sea...

First time I show you the paper pack. The kit containes 30 backgrounds: 15 solids and 15 patterned:

...and I created 50 elements:

If you like the kit, you can by it in my new shop at:

Layouts by my CT Girls:




WIN my new kit! Leave me a comment here and I'll be back to choose a winner.

Have fun and have a nice day!

Sugar Lime Mojito

35 Celsius is tropical heat for me. There was a scorching day when I found out this name for my new kit. This is really cool, perfect to decorate summer or party layouts. I chose a little bit lively paletta with five colours. I hope You'll like it. I is a huge pack, let's start...

As always I show you the paper pack first time:
The kit containes 30 backgrounds: 15 solids and 15 patterned:

I created 37 elements, all of them in .png format:


...and I created a Splat set and an Overlay set. They contain 5 nice Splats and 4 beautiful Overlays with and without shadows:

The next set is Tags. It includes 30 different tags with joyful, summer colour text on same textured paper:

...and finally an Alpha set wiht lower case, upper case and some characters:

I hope you like it :). If yes, you can buy it in my new shop at 

Fantastic layouts by my CT:




Have fun and have a nice day,

2012. augusztus 12., vasárnap

Black Orchid at My Memories

Who doesn't like flowers...? I love them. My favourite one is orchid. That is why I designed this kit. As it's name reveals that I didn't work with vivid colour palette. In any case, I think it is a really elegant kit. I hope You'll like it to use on your layouts.

Let's start with paper pack: in this kit there are 25 papers: 10 solids and 15 patterned papers in 300dpi and .jpg format:

You can find 45 element in .png format:

...and I created Splats set and Overlay set too. Sets contain 5-5 beautiful splats and overlays with and without shadows:

...and finally an alpha set with lowercases and numbers:

You can by the kit at:

Amazing LOs by my CT girls:




2012. augusztus 11., szombat

Dreamin' Pastel at My Memories

Have your nice dreams come true? Have you recorded it? Time is here: I designed my new kit with love for everyone :). Name is: Dreamin' Pastel - perfect to create your LOs about all of your dreams. I love pastel shades of colours - all right I've never liked brightly ones - that is the reason why I created this kit with this name :). It is soft and joyful, but I think you can use all papers and element for all type of layout. This kit containes 20 papers (10 solids and 10 patterned in 300dpi, .jpg format) and 50 elements (in 300dpi, .png format).

I show you:

You can buy the kit at:

Beautiful LOs by my lovely CT girls:



My new shop at My Memories... :)

Yes :)..., I have a new shop :)...

I'm really happy about it :)...
You can find my desing here: