2012. augusztus 11., szombat

Dreamin' Pastel at My Memories

Have your nice dreams come true? Have you recorded it? Time is here: I designed my new kit with love for everyone :). Name is: Dreamin' Pastel - perfect to create your LOs about all of your dreams. I love pastel shades of colours - all right I've never liked brightly ones - that is the reason why I created this kit with this name :). It is soft and joyful, but I think you can use all papers and element for all type of layout. This kit containes 20 papers (10 solids and 10 patterned in 300dpi, .jpg format) and 50 elements (in 300dpi, .png format).

I show you:

You can buy the kit at:

Beautiful LOs by my lovely CT girls:



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