2012. augusztus 16., csütörtök

Sugar Lime Mojito

35 Celsius is tropical heat for me. There was a scorching day when I found out this name for my new kit. This is really cool, perfect to decorate summer or party layouts. I chose a little bit lively paletta with five colours. I hope You'll like it. I is a huge pack, let's start...

As always I show you the paper pack first time:
The kit containes 30 backgrounds: 15 solids and 15 patterned:

I created 37 elements, all of them in .png format:


...and I created a Splat set and an Overlay set. They contain 5 nice Splats and 4 beautiful Overlays with and without shadows:

The next set is Tags. It includes 30 different tags with joyful, summer colour text on same textured paper:

...and finally an Alpha set wiht lower case, upper case and some characters:

I hope you like it :). If yes, you can buy it in my new shop at 

Fantastic layouts by my CT:




Have fun and have a nice day,

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