2012. december 7., péntek

Orange Symphony - Play with me :)...!

Little bit late, but today is Friday, and I am here with the rules of my game.
That's really simple:

1. Visit this link or this one to download freebies which are named Orange Symphony.
(you'll find three packages: solid papers, patterned papers and embellishments)
Do not forget to collect all!

2. Make LO(s) with Orange Symphony. You can use any pictures, but solely this mini kit - ONLY Orange Syphony

3. When your LO(s) is/are done, mail me it/them to kamillascrapdesign@gmail.com with your name
- I'll share all here, on my blog :) -

4. I'll collect the names in a hat, and my daughter will raffle the winner :)...

you can choose one kit of mine :)...

End of the game is: 31st of December 2012

The Winner can choose a kit till end of January 2013.

If you like and have time, make LO(s) and play with me :)!

I'm looking forward to your LO, too :)!

Have a nice weekend,

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