2013. május 4., szombat

My New Shop :)...


I just want to share a good new with Everyone:
I opened my new shop at Digital-Crea.
I'm really happy about it, because I looked for new shop for long-long time.

Here is the link, where you can find my kit:

Now there is only my mini kit, named Mango Tango,
(but there will be all soon :)...)

This is a joyful, springlike mini kit, with vivid colours.
Perfect creating LOs about funny, light-hearted memories from out - or inside.

The kit containes:

10 papers - 3600 x 3600, 300dpi saved as .jpg files.
25 elements saved as .png files at 300dpi.

You can buy the full kit

or separately


Have a nice day, and Happy Scrappin'!

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