2012. július 7., szombat

Build A Kit - July

At Stuff To Scrap we create Build A Kit in every month. The task is not difficult: we have a palette and theme and everybody can creata mini kit, paper pack, element pack, alpha, quick page... or anything else...

In July we had a very nice pastel color palette :)... I was so happy when I saw it, because I love pastel colors :)... So the creation was not question... The theme was: I Scream, You Scream.

In this tropical heat I created a mini kit named Ice Cream Serenade. It containes 10 papers (5 solids and 5 patterned - all in 300dpi and .jpg format) and 15 elements (all in 300dpi and .png format) including: 4 different ice creams, 1 decoration, 1 frame, 1 journal tag, 1 ribbon, and 7 sticks with different words.

Do not miss it: perfect to scrap your photos of heat summer days.

See the preview:

You can buy it at Stuff To Scrap.

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